Home Review Inspections offers property inspections with roof inspections, termite and structural pest inspections, and other inspections for your home in the San Jose California and East Bay area. We also offer All-In-One Inspection Packages for a combination of inspection services ordered together for a discount and often on the same day.

Property evaluation is becoming more and more desired as well as essential to a well rounded purchase. To be clearly advised of current and potential problems both short and long term, prepare the buyer for the tasks facing them, and offer a platform upon which to make some of the decisions in purchasing a potential property. These are the areas we can help with:


Home Inspections

Take that close look!. We offer affordable San Jose and East Bay Area home inspection services! Call us at 209.640.6491 or fill out our short order form online and we’ll get you setup with your inspection. Our reports are delivered next business day. Our single home inspection prices and package prices are some of the best out there and we take care to give you the best quality and friendly service too.

The property inspection will take the buyer on a journey through the home that they can’t experience in any other way. Your Real Estate Agent can show you beautiful homes, lovely yards, great schools, shopping amenities… We, on the other hand show you the inside of the property. From Foundation to Roof and everything in between. Take a closer look… We look forward to serving you.


Termite / Structural Pest Inspections

What kind of bug did he say? We all have seen common ants, may have been frustrated by a mouse in the house, but the idea of wood destroying fungus or invisible insects eating your house morning, noon and night can be a surprise most folks never dream of.

The Structural Pest inspection is not an item to take lightly. As a matter of choice, this inspection should never be foregone. The silent and steady destruction of many homes could have been prevented by inspection, and the awareness, as well as subsequent treatment. Do not be convinced this type of inspection isn’t or may not be necessary. Don’t let your investment cost you potential dollars due to missing out on this important inspection service. Take a closer look…


Roof Inspections

Rain clouds on the horizon.  If you are like most folks, your experience and knowledge of roof construction may end with looking up and scratching your head!

Don’t worry! That is why a roof inspection is a great idea! We take that in depth and all so necessary peek at your roof so you can rest assured when storm clouds gather. Our evaluation incorporates a great deal of component condition and materials integrity so we can give you a realistic scope of wear. We advise you on the repair or replacement requirements to insure a trouble free resolution to any problems we discover. Take a closer look…


Inspection Packages

Which inspections should I order? We have split our inspections into individual and grouped packages.  The best way to prepare for the evaluation of the prospective property is by first listing the areas of concern. We almost always stand upon the combination of Property along with a Structural Pest inspection. The Structural Pest inspection might not be necessary if an inspection of like kind has been very recently performed. We will never express foregoing a Structural Pest inspection,due to the level of importance. We can be contacted to discuss our recommendations for your property, we can be reached through the links above!  Take a closer look…


Other Inspections

What about the Chimney, Pool and other concerns?  We have relied upon other trades for the professional and specific inspection of some systems in and around the home. Many in-depth evaluations of bigger items like Chimney, Sewer Laterals, Swimming Pools, Spa, Solar Energy, Fire sprinkler systems, Alarm systems, and more are best performed by the specific and well trained trades person. These inspections are for the most part very necessary from both a performance and safety standpoint.

Due to the time involved in evaluation of these topics, we recommend consideration to acquiring any and all these which may apply to your potential property. Take a closer look…


Inspection Prices

What’s it going to cost? We have put our cost of inspection to the test! Other companies offer good pricing and good service.  We offer Great pricing and terrific service!  Our inspection pricing is fairly balanced. We offer reductions when package inspections are ordered. We can also help arrange those specialized additional inspections for you.  Just ask us about it.

We have specials frequently, offer first time buyer discounts and a break on repetitive clients.  Larger properties such as multi-unit or commercial can be compromised to match or beat the competition.

We have an easy to read pricing chart ready for review.  Take a closer look…


Inspection Reports

Today’s market can sometimes require a very quick turn-around on the written report. We understand that and have developed a reporting systems that gets your report to you when you need it! Any inspection scheduled to begin at or prior to noon (Monday thru Thursday) will be delivered the following day by close of business, or it is free.


Order Your Inspection Now!

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